Interior styling is the magic, the final touch, what helps to create harmonious atmospheres, sensations and peaceful spaces
Deco and interior stylism
- “COMPLETE" STYLISM (in person): We design your space from scratch and cover the entire process of inspiration, conceptualization and execution of your ideas, including the purchase of furniture and objects, as well as the follow-up of their assembly.

- "BASIC" STYLISM (online or in person): We work and present to the client a proposal of style, colors, furniture, lighting and selection of fabrics.
Deco Coach or "Glance" stylism
With our Glance method we help you to solve the lack of connection with your space.

To do this, we offer 1 hour of advice (online or in person) for 1 specific space. Through this service we glance your space and propose ideas to renovate and revitalize it.
Styling for professionals
- Art direction and editorial styling for specialized magazines, web pages or corporate catalogs. We conceptualize and participate in the creation of storytelling for the creation of visual pieces. We create still life’s and inspirational spaces that bear our stamp.

- Deco Styling for interior design and/or architecture studios so that the spaces created become more attractive to clients.

- Deco Styling for private or professional events.

- Home staging. With style and delicacy, we help to conquer the potential buyer or tenant.
Our goal is to invest in what is essential to transform the space and make it more attractive to obtain the desired profitability.